The Real Risks of Using Biometric Data in Cyber Security

Our modern technology has continued to advance increasingly as the years go by, as have the methods used for the security of that technology.  From passwords to voice recognition, security implements have come miles from the where it began.  Now, one of the largest methods that has been picking up speed is the use of [...]

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What Cyber Security Legislation Looks Like Around the World

Technology has become an extremely integral part of our daily society.  It is employed in a variety of systems all around the globe, and we have become much more reliant upon it for a large part of our critical infrastructure.  And as our technology has continued to advance and develop, as have cyber threats and [...]

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The Differences Between Indicators of Attack vs. Indicators of Compromise

Proactivity is the name of the game when it comes to cyber security in our modern age.  Threats work carefully to exploit unknown security holes, and attack organizations when they least expect it.  The prevention and defense of attacks from various vectors is of critical importance.  There are several indicators that are used to detect [...]

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New Threat Hunting Platforms Emerging to Combat Advanced Security Threats

Cyber attacks continue to be extremely large threats to organizations and infrastructure within our contemporary society.  Being that technology has become much more heavily relied on than ever, cyber criminals are becoming more ruthless and adept at breaching organizations for the purpose of stealing data, intellectual assets, funds, or damaging systems.  The reality is that [...]

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Retail Cyber Security: The Challenges of Fighting Fraud Following a Hack

Cyber attackers can have an extremely vast array of organizations that they target.  Though, there are some that tend to be more prominent targets.  One of such is retail locations, and one need not look far to find the massive amount of retail stores that have had cyber attacks directed at them.  And because of [...]

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Open vs. Closed Source: What is the Future of Cyber Intelligence

Cyber intelligence is a topic which has come much more prominently into the scene of cyber security.  While previously thought of as a commodity, the addition of cyber intelligence is in reality a necessity in the modern age.  The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving and developing, and intelligence allows organizations to stay up to [...]

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Dark Social Growing Challenge for Cyber Intelligence

There are many coined phrases when it comes to the world of cyberspace.  One of such, that many have not heard of is “dark social.”  Dark social is defined essentially as untraceable social traffic, such as posting or messaging, or social content or pages shared through some means that cannot be tracked through web analytics.  [...]

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Is U.S. Properly Prepared for a 2017 Cyber Attack

Cyber attacks have unfortunately become a commonality within our country.  Numerous amounts of these types of attacks are targeted toward the United States every single day.  From cyber criminals to nation-state attacks, cyber attacks are employed by many different types of groups for different reasons.  Even with the fact that the U.S. has worked to [...]

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Could Cyber Intelligence Really End Terrorism

The cyber world is one of constant flux.  There is consistently new technology and software being developed and integrated into the cyber world.  But just as we expand and develop, as do cyber threats and attackers.  In this day and age, where almost every organization is beginning to be connected to the cyber world, being [...]

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Why Evolving Technology Will Produce Greater Cyber Risks in 2017

2016 was another year of great technological developments.  As the years go by we continue to improve upon what we have, while also bringing about new technology.  Of course, as we continue to develop and improve, there are always those seeking to compromise those technological advances for the purpose of financial, political, or some other [...]

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