Technology has continued to advance and assist our society in a multitude of ways. We have been able to achieve feats that were never before thought possible. We can exchange information and digital files in the blink of an eye, and this has made international relations and business much more simple and streamlined. But, all of these advances have of course also introduced an extremely large amount of attack vectors for cyber criminals. As we continue to progress our technology, hackers work to parallel these developments and breach our updated technologies and systems. And as we come closer to commercial quantum computing technology, it brings increasing cyber security concerns.

Quantum Technology in Enemy Hands

While quantum computing would open up a whole new range of abilities and operations for us, it also brings a huge potential risk of attackers using this type of technology against us. It has even been estimated by experts that by 2026, there will be a quantum computer able to break through our currently relied upon cryptography.

The idea of a computer being able to do something like this automatically arises a wide series of dangerous potentialities. It may seem like 2026 is quite far off and nothing to worry about, but this time will come quick, and there very well may be a breakthrough before that point. The more we assume the viewpoint of this being a future problem, the more we are leaving ourselves heavily vulnerable.

Realistically, a quantum computer in the hands of a cyber attacker would be quite a disastrous situation. If these types of devices are able to break through our currently employed and relied upon security, it places almost all of our devices and operations in danger. Everyday actions and operations could become extremely vulnerable, and breaching them would be like child’s play for hackers. This could include things such as sending email, posting or updating social media, checking bank accounts online, and software updates. When everyday actions like these would become easy targets for attackers, it displays the necessity for us to keep security up to par to protect against this technology.

At the end of the day, this simply means that we must continue to update our security as advancements come along. In the advent of quantum technology, our security software, devices, and implements must be integrated with quantum technology to be able to defend against these threats. This includes updating with haste to prevent threats before they attack. If we are updating or evolving too slowly, it increases the risk of vulnerabilities and breaches. We must know what types of devices, systems, and networks will be potentially targeted by this type of technology, as that would allow us to plan and enact mitigative measures. In view of cryptography, this would also include solutions that can adapt and fluctuate from the uniform methods that are employed these days.

Mitigating Cyber Security Risks with Proper Tools

The more that we continue to evolve our technology, the more we may come under attack. The reality is that cyber attackers are not going anywhere, but we need to know how to predict and prevent them. Commercially widespread quantum technology may not be here yet, but it is on its way. As we integrate technologies like this, we must ensure that current security implements are in place and that they are adapted to future tech to properly mitigate and prevent cyber security risks. Massive Alliance offers a wide range of cyber security services to organizations to help ensure that their data and digital assets are comprehensively protected.