There is a lot to the particular inner workings and culture within corporate organizations.  An important factor that needs to be a part of this culture is awareness in regard to cyber security. Cyber security needs to become a subject that everyone within the organization is aware of, and does their part to assist it. Attackers are always looking for ways to breach organizations and their data, and involving everyone in the organization helps to prevent this.

Realistically, an extremely large amount of cyber attacks can potentially involve the employees of an organization, such as via phishing attacks.  An unsuspecting or busy employee could mistakenly click on a link or attachment in one of these emails, and that could result in numerous systems and networks becoming infected by one of a variety of threats.  But, when cyber security is fostered as part of the organization’s culture, employees will be more educated and aware in regard to these types of attacks, obviously helping them to identify and avoid them.  Phishing attacks are actually one of the most common forms of cyber attacks out there, and they are used frequently because people continue to fall victim to them.

Adjusting the Corporate Culture

This is often a far cry from the current culture of an organization.  Many employees pretty much rely strictly upon IT when it comes to cyber security, and they pay no attention to it.  But, this can be dangerous to an organization, being that undereducated employees can make simple mistakes that can facilitate breaches.  As with any cultural adjustment, it can take some time to make the shift over to this viewpoint.  It takes education upon various threats and best practices, as well as encouragement of the employees to maintain and be aware of these things. In the end, it will be extremely worth it to begin shifting the entire organization into considering cyber security.  It helps staff to understand the importance of it, as well as begin to take responsibility for their potential effects upon it.  Employee slip ups or mistakes can easily result in a breach, such as visiting an unsafe website or opening a malicious email, but getting them to understand the part they play can help to reduce these incidents.

It is ideal that organizations begin to foster and encourage cyber security in the organizational culture early on.  It can be a bit more difficult to begin to make the shift with long term employees who have never been involved with cyber security.  But, if an organization begins to instill this viewpoint early on with new employees or when their organization first forms, it can help to bring it about much quicker.  And for those groups inexperienced in regard to cyber security, it can take some time, but they can eventually understand their part in it.

The Use of Cyber Intelligence in Security

While employees can be one of the most valuable assets to cyber security, there are of course tools that need to be employed as well.  One of the most valuable implementations in modern security is cyber intelligence, which allows organizations to be much more proactive in their defense.  It is much more ideal to be aware of threats and attackers before they are able to strike, as this allows an organization to put premeditated defenses in place. This is the role of cyber intelligence in security, as it is information regarding the patterns and indicators of threats around the web.  Defensive and reactive security will always be a valuable component, but there also needs to be proactivity as well.  Massive Alliance offers comprehensive cyber intelligence that even provides information regarding hidden and insidious threats that lurk in the deep web.